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Movie Ministry event in Zaube

As Christmas time is aproaching LHM Latvia is visiting several schools and presenting different Christian movies . 
Zaube – is a small village about 100km from the capital of Latvia. There is a school in this village and children had an opportunity to watch 2 films from LHM Latvia Film club. 
After the movies children and local pastor Edgars Graudins had a disscussion about the main issues of these films. The main conclusions were- it is truly important to help each other, to be kind to each other. 
On the conclusion of our meeting we watched the movie “Red boots” which created a wonderfull Christmas feeling in the hearts of everyone who was present.

Movie “Luther” in Riga Vilandes Babptist Church

vilandeOn 2d of October Lutheran Hour went to Riga, to visit Baptist Church of Vilande. This time we had the film evening, everyone from the congregation and local neighbourhood was invited to watch the film “Luther”.
There were 40 people gathered together for this event.
It is truly important that the congregation is open to those who are not yet the members of the church. This parish always welcomes people from the neighbourhood to participate in their events. And the film is a good way to address the people who have just begun their roud to the faith. Film is a universal language which you can understand and relate to no matter how old are you, no matter what language you speak.
Thank you, Lord, for those open hearts! Lead those who have just begun their journey!

Movie event at the day care centre “Heartlight”

The last week of October is a Outumn holiday week for all the children who attend school. Usually this is the time children spend with their families. But there are also a lot of children who spend their holidays in the day care centres, because their parents have to work.
Lutheran Hour went to the day care centre “Heartlight” in the suburb of Riga. There were 30 children in this centre.
Lutheran Hour presented the film “Stephen’s Test of Faith “. After the film we had a discussion and a little meal.
We are grateful for the opportunity to visit this day care centre and to meet the children who spend their time there!

Family sports morning in Jaunjelgava

Just before the day of the Reformation Lutheran Hour went to Jaunjelgava. It is a small town in the middle part of Latvia.
After the service children and their parents from the local congregation went to the school that is located near the church. They were invited to participat in the event “Family sports morning”. The main aim of this event is to give families the opportunity to spend some quality time together. We were playing different games. Children were happy that heir parents were participating in the relay.
After the event we had a meal together.
Thank you Lord for these families!jaunjelgava_10-2016

Movie Ministry Event at Generations

On 5th of October Lutheran Hour went to the day care centre “Generations”. Usually we visit children and teenagers who are attending this centre, but this time we went to meet the elderly people.
In our country elderly people are often forgoten by the society. Some of them do not have any relatives or any people to talk to. A great part of the older generation is lonely and sad people. These day care centres are the places where they can spend some quality time together and hear God’s word. And we need to address these people and let them know that there is someone who cares about them.
This time there were 10 people gathered together. We presented the film “Love comes softly”.
After the film we had a disscussion and a little meal.
This event  reminded us, that there shouldn’t be anyone who is banished out of the society. God has created each of us unique and each of us should be able to find our place in this society.paaudzes

Movie Ministry Event in Bilska

Film is a universal language, even if you don’t understand the language the characters of film speak, you can still get the message of the movie. Summer is a great time of the year to organise the open-air film shows.On the 19th of August LH went to Bilska-a small town in the North of Latvia. Children had an opportunity to watch the film “The test of Stephens Faith”, but their parents watched the film by Rolf Hammarsk “God’s hammer”. There were 50 people gathered together in the yard of Bilska Primary school.
Sometimes people think they doesn’t belong in the church, or they doesn’t know how to act there. So the Christian films is a great beggining, a great opportunity  to meet the local parishers and to start the conversation about faith.

LHM Latvia participates at the Day of Congregation in Vecumnieki

On 21st of August the representatives of Lutheran Hour went to Vecumnieki. We were welcomed by the local pastor Roberts Otomers. After the Service we were participating in the Day of Vecumnieki congregation. Everyone had an opportunity to be the part of the lecture “Women and Mission”. The volunteer of Lutheran Hour Latvia Jana Babre-Laime shared her personal story about the mission in her everyday life and how to address people who are on their way to find God.
After the lecture  we had a discussion and parishers shared their experience on this theme.