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Event for children “The Meaning of the Prayers”

IMG_20150827_164635These were the last days of Summer holidays for children. So we followed the Jesus’ call and went to visit children. This time Lutheran Hour Latvia went to the day care centre for children “Hand in hand”. We were welcomed by the smiling children of all ages.
The workers of this centre were preparing some food for the winter-they were pickling the cucumbers.Meanwhile kids had an opportunity to build some towers from candies and sweets, to make some presents for their friends and to perform some experiments. Our topic this time was “The meaning of the prayers”. Children heard the story about Elaya- how he prayed to God and how God responded to his prayers.
A lot of these kids haven’t seen their friends for a long time, so they made a little presents for their friends to make the reunion more exciting!
This day care center is a special place for the local children; each day there ar about 40 children spending time in this centre.They can have some meals there, they have a place to do their homeworks and there are also always some person who can listen to them if they want to talk about their problems. We thank God for each and every person who spend time with these kids!

ETS Seminar “Congregation as a Family ” in Jekabpils

In the beginning of August Lutheran Hour went to Jekabpils. This time we were visiting the summer camp of Krustpils congregation.
There were also pastor Evalds Berzins and bishop Einars Alpe participating in this event.
After the service people gathered together for the jekabpils3 that we presented. There were 30 people attending this seminar, there were seniors and young people among them.
Everybody admitted that we have a poor communication in our congregations, and that leads to alienation.
But there are also a good news – everyone was ready to change something in their attitude to improve the environment in their congregation. It is a truly important step if we want to feel as a family in our congregation.We must share Christ’s love at first among christians ourselves!

Movie Ministry Event in Baldone

Baldone_movie_07.2015 (2)On 28th of July Lutheran Hour went to Baldone Church to show the movie “Adam’s Apples”.
Candles, warm tea, the rain outside – it all created a truly cosy atmosphere! We would like to thank everyone who came to this event – there were more than 70 people gathered together! (most of them not from congeregation)
This is a Christian movie with a little bit of dark humor, but it really made everyone think.The language of the film is universal, everyone can understand the idea and rethink it for a long time.
Thank You, Lord, for Your love!

ETS seminar “Congregation as a Family” and “Let’s Dance” event for Rujiena congregation

On 19th of July Lutheran Hour went to Ainazi – to visit the camp of St.Bertulis Congregation from Rujiena.
The children and young people had an opportunity to learn some hip-hop dance steps in the event “Let’s Dance”. The children were amazing, they learned a new dance in an hour! We would like to thank all the kids for their courage and joy they shared with us!
At the same time adults – members of the congregation participated in the ETS seminar “Congregation as Family”
This seminar is about the mission – we should follow the order from Jesus and do the mission work. We should show the Christ’s love to the people that surrounds us. Then everyuone who enters the church will feel Jesus love for all people.Rujiena_1_2015.08Rujiena_2_2015.08

ETS seminar “Congregation as Family” for Old. Gertrude Congregation from Riga

picture_07.2015On 18th of July Lutheran Hour went to Limbazi to visit the camp of  Old St.Gerthrud’s Lutheran Congregation from Riga.
Members of this camp had an opportunity to attend different lectures. Lutheran Hour offered the ETS    seminar “Congregation as a Family”.This time we disscussed individual mission of each member of congregation.There were 30 people attending this lecture. People were truly interested and shared their experience on their work in the mission field.
This seminar consists of small lectures given by LHM staff members and practical work of seminar’s participants
Afret the seminar everyone was invited to watch the movie “Mission”.
God bless each and everyone who follows you!

Pandamania in Saulkrasti

Saulkrasti_07.2015On 3 of July Lutheran Hour went to Saulkrasti Lutheran Congregation to meet the children of this congregation. It was the Pandamania time!
This time it was the camp of the congregation. And what could be better than  the activities for kids which were not only fun and entertaining, but children could also learn God’s word.
It is always a great pleasure to see the joy in the children’s eyes, it always reminds us that we can learn from children how to do things with great love!

Hollistic Ministry event for Children Day Care Center “Hand in Hand”

On 19th of June Luthern Hour went to day care centre for children “Hand in hand” in Riga.
This time there were 30 kids participating.
We played different games and children shared their stories how they are spending this summer.
This time we  were happy to give good and usefull gifts to our friends – balls donated by OGT organization from USA.
We would also like to thank our American friends for these roku_roka_06.2015gifts!

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