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Story of Genesis in “Generations”

Last week Lutheran Hour went to Day Care Centre “Generations”. This time children were invited to bring their friends with them.
This time we talked about the Genesis, and children created water, sky, earth and animals using some candy.  Children joined together in groups and each group disscusses what God created in particular day.
Afterwards kids listened to the life story of Jesus- from his birth till his death at the cross. We made a paper crosses and decorated them.
On the conclusion of the day we prayed together. Genesis-Generations

“Time to Dance” in Pure

On 10th of February Lutheran Hour Latvia visited a small town Pure which is located in the Western part of Latvia.
This time we had a meeting with the 3rd grade of Pure Primary School. We gathered together in the public library , but our plan this time was to learn some dance steps not to read the books! Our program “Time to Dance” gives children and teenagers an opportunity to learn some hip-hop dance steps and listen to the Christian hip-hop music.
This time our dance teacher was Niks. For some of these kids this was the first dance experience ever! They were doing their best and created a little dance performance. 
After the dance classes everyone received some gifts provided by OGT.

Movie Ministry Event in Lejasciems

On 18th of January Lutheran Hour Latvia went to Lejasciems to present the film “Letters to Father Jacob”. This time we visited Social care centre.
This film tells about the woman Leile who has been just released from the prison. She gets the job as the assistant of the blind man- father Jacob. Their relationship is complicated, Leila is secluded, she has lost her ability to trust anyone.
Father Jacob, on his turn , is welcoming and understanding towards this woman. He thinks that the main aim of his serving is to answer the letters that people sends him. But Leila finds it senseless. But then suddenly- there are no more letters and Leila finds a way how to cheer up the old man…This is a truly significant story about unconditional love that can transform people’s lives.


“Time to Dance” in Koknese

On 11th of February Lutheran Hour Latvia went to Koknese to present our program “Time to Dance”. We held this event together with the local Socila Service and Youth Centre.
“Time to dance” is a great opportunity for children and teenagers to learn some dance steps and to get to know some interesting facts about Christian hip hop music.
There were 18 kids participating in this event, this time there were mostly the girls!
But we must say- they learned some great dance steps together with dance teacher Niks from the studio “Dance Beat”.
While the children were dancing, their parents had an opportunity to talk to the local social worker Baiba- how we can become a good parents? What are the challenges of raising the children in these days?
After the event children received some gifts-sports equipment donated by OGT.
Thank you Lord, for everyone who worked together to make this event happen!

Movie “Stephen’s Test of Faith” in Malpils

On 31st of January LHM Latvia went to visit children in Malpils Day Care Centre. Malpils is a town not far from capital of  Latvia. This time we presented the movie “Stephen’s Test of Faith”.
After the film children participated in the disscussion. Kids were truly open-hearted and expressed their opinion. Some of them told us that in the certain  life situations they have acted the same way as Stephen did- they have lied to their friends, they have pretended to be someone they are not. But the good news is- children admitted that in these situations they felt bad and regreted what they have done.
Dear Lord, protect these little hearts, help them to find a way to You and help them to stand for Your values in their lives!

“Warm up your neighbour” in Day Care Centre “Generations”

On the last days of the year young people and children from day care centre “Generations” were taking part in the event “Warm up your neighbour”, organized by Lutheran Hour Latvia.
Younger generation of this centre were visiting the seniors who spend their time in this place. Children and teenagers visited about 50 seniors who received  a warm quilts blankets, provided by OGT.
Of course, we should take care of those who are in some need every day, but is truly important to visit these people on Christmas time- because the gifts that these lonely seniors received, gives them hope. It is a reminder for them- that there is someone out there who loves them no matter what, who remebers them, and takes care of them. This is the way how we can show God’s love tho those who are lonely and hurt. And sometimes it is enough just to hold someon’s hand for a while, to warm someone up to make them feel loved.

“Warm up your neighbour” in Bolderaja

On 23d of December Lutheran congregation of Bolderaja held the Christmas worship in socila care centre “Stella Maris” in Daugavgriva. These are elderly people who are to weak to attend the church on Christmas, so the congregation of Bolderaja came to this centre.
After the Service seniors of the “Stella Maris” received some gifts- quilts, provided by OGT and warm socks, scarves and mittens provided by the members of Bolderaja congregation.
This was the night when Christmas carols were filling all the rooms of this social care centre!bolderaja_12-2016