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Movie “Stephen’s Test of Faith” in Malpils

On 31st of January LHM Latvia went to visit children in Malpils Day Care Centre. Malpils is a town not far from capital of  Latvia. This time we presented the movie “Stephen’s Test of Faith”.
After the film children participated in the disscussion. Kids were truly open-hearted and expressed their opinion. Some of them told us that in the certain  life situations they have acted the same way as Stephen did- they have lied to their friends, they have pretended to be someone they are not. But the good news is- children admitted that in these situations they felt bad and regreted what they have done.
Dear Lord, protect these little hearts, help them to find a way to You and help them to stand for Your values in their lives!

“Warm up your neighbour” in Day Care Centre “Generations”

On the last days of the year young people and children from day care centre “Generations” were taking part in the event “Warm up your neighbour”, organized by Lutheran Hour Latvia.
Younger generation of this centre were visiting the seniors who spend their time in this place. Children and teenagers visited about 50 seniors who received  a warm quilts blankets, provided by OGT.
Of course, we should take care of those who are in some need every day, but is truly important to visit these people on Christmas time- because the gifts that these lonely seniors received, gives them hope. It is a reminder for them- that there is someone out there who loves them no matter what, who remebers them, and takes care of them. This is the way how we can show God’s love tho those who are lonely and hurt. And sometimes it is enough just to hold someon’s hand for a while, to warm someone up to make them feel loved.

“Warm up your neighbour” in Bolderaja

On 23d of December Lutheran congregation of Bolderaja held the Christmas worship in socila care centre “Stella Maris” in Daugavgriva. These are elderly people who are to weak to attend the church on Christmas, so the congregation of Bolderaja came to this centre.
After the Service seniors of the “Stella Maris” received some gifts- quilts, provided by OGT and warm socks, scarves and mittens provided by the members of Bolderaja congregation.
This was the night when Christmas carols were filling all the rooms of this social care centre!bolderaja_12-2016

“Warm up your neighbour” in Kekava

kekava_12-2016Just before Christmas young people from “Kekava Youth Centre” participated in the event , organized by Lutheran Hour Latvia. Young people from Kekava went to several local social care centres for elderly people. Most of these people are lonely, ill and weak.
Teenagers prepared a short performance to entertain the people who spend the last years of their lives in these social care centres. Afterwards about 100 seniors received a gift- a warm quilt that will warm them up during the chilly winter evenings.
Those seniors who were able to walk attended the performance in the assembly hall of each social care centre, but those who are to powerless to take care of themselves were visited in their rooms.
We would like to thank all the members of “Kekava Youth centre” and OGT for providing quilts.

Movie Ministry event in Zaube

As Christmas time is aproaching LHM Latvia is visiting several schools and presenting different Christian movies . 
Zaube – is a small village about 100km from the capital of Latvia. There is a school in this village and children had an opportunity to watch 2 films from LHM Latvia Film club. 
After the movies children and local pastor Edgars Graudins had a disscussion about the main issues of these films. The main conclusions were- it is truly important to help each other, to be kind to each other. 
On the conclusion of our meeting we watched the movie “Red boots” which created a wonderfull Christmas feeling in the hearts of everyone who was present.

Movie “Luther” in Riga Vilandes Babptist Church

vilandeOn 2d of October Lutheran Hour went to Riga, to visit Baptist Church of Vilande. This time we had the film evening, everyone from the congregation and local neighbourhood was invited to watch the film “Luther”.
There were 40 people gathered together for this event.
It is truly important that the congregation is open to those who are not yet the members of the church. This parish always welcomes people from the neighbourhood to participate in their events. And the film is a good way to address the people who have just begun their roud to the faith. Film is a universal language which you can understand and relate to no matter how old are you, no matter what language you speak.
Thank you, Lord, for those open hearts! Lead those who have just begun their journey!

Movie event at the day care centre “Heartlight”

The last week of October is a Outumn holiday week for all the children who attend school. Usually this is the time children spend with their families. But there are also a lot of children who spend their holidays in the day care centres, because their parents have to work.
Lutheran Hour went to the day care centre “Heartlight” in the suburb of Riga. There were 30 children in this centre.
Lutheran Hour presented the film “Stephen’s Test of Faith “. After the film we had a discussion and a little meal.
We are grateful for the opportunity to visit this day care centre and to meet the children who spend their time there!