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Children from “Generations” Turn Ordinary Things Into Extraordinary Ones

GENERATIONS_10.2015On 28th of October Lutheran Hour went to the day care center for children “Generations”. This time we wanted to show children that you can turn ordinary things into extraordinary ones! Children were truly interested in the story of Esther- they could relate it to themselves, because she also was just an ordinary girl. We were having so much fun !
This is the center where children spend their time while their parents are at work or just can’t take care of them during the day time. Some of them feel unwanted and abandoned. So it is very important for them to hear God’s word and to know-that there is someone who loves them no matter what. These kids are happy to spend time with someone who talks to them or just to do some activities together.
This time we were making the paper crosses – because we can be saved through Jesus who died on the cross for us. Afterwards children were able to make an experiment that related to the Bible story we heard this time- we took 2 ordinary things and made something extraordinary out of it! We made the fountain from Coca cola and Menthos candy!
Dear Lord, bless each and every child!

ETS Seminar “Congregation as a Family” in Lejasciems

Lejasciems_10.2015On 18th of October Lutheran Hour went to Lutheran congregation of Lejasciems. It is a small village in Vidzeme. People there are mostly the farmers. There is only one school and an elderly house in this place.
We had a beautiful service together with pastor Ilgvars Matiss. The services are being held only 2 times a month in Lejasciems. Usually there are about 15-20 people who gather together.
After the service we had a meal. Ladies of the congregation had served the table for a dinner. So this time our seminar  was held in a truly warmhearted atmosphere. We were able to see, that it doesn’t matter that Lejasciems is just a small village, God works through this people!

Great Bustle in the Lutheran Hour Latvia in Riga

There was a great bustle today in the office of Lutheran Hour Latvia in Riga! We received a shipment  from the Orphan Grain train, USA. We would like to thank all the generous people who made this possible. Thank you for your warm hearts and your care! It it is a great way to show God’s love- if we take care of those who are in need, whom we even don’t know. These boxes will soon be traveling to a lot of families all over Latvia.
Thank you!
IMG_20151112_114612 IMG_20151112_114740IMG_20151112_144035

ETS seminar “Congregation as a Family” in Krustpils

Gulbene_10.2015On 11th of October Lutheran Hour went to Krustpils to present our ETS seminar “Congregation as a Family”.
We were welcomed by pastor Evalds Berzins.
Members of Krustpils Lutheran Church had an opportunity to get to know each other better. They had an opportunity to spend some time together and just to talk to each other! We discussed how each of us can get get involved into the growth of the congregation, how we can come closer to the God.

Movie “The Fool” in Gulbene

durakOn 2nd of October Lutheran Hour went to Gulbene. In the collaboration with the local congregation people had an opportunity to watch a movie “The Fool”. It has been rewarded in several ecumenical film festivals lately.
This film tells about an ordinary man – he is just a worker, but he sees the wrong decisions local government makes. He wants to stop all of this, but nobody cares-except for him. In the end he  sacrifices his life to save others. But these people he saves- they don’t want them to do this, they don’t care and they even think that he is a fool.
God didn’t ask for our opinion, he sacrificed his son to save us.
Everyone had something to think about. We could relate it to our lives- sometimes we – the followers of Christ – we must act like fools for the greater reason. Are we ready to act so?

Event for children “The Meaning of the Prayers”

IMG_20150827_164635These were the last days of Summer holidays for children. So we followed the Jesus’ call and went to visit children. This time Lutheran Hour Latvia went to the day care centre for children “Hand in hand”. We were welcomed by the smiling children of all ages.
The workers of this centre were preparing some food for the winter-they were pickling the cucumbers.Meanwhile kids had an opportunity to build some towers from candies and sweets, to make some presents for their friends and to perform some experiments. Our topic this time was “The meaning of the prayers”. Children heard the story about Elaya- how he prayed to God and how God responded to his prayers.
A lot of these kids haven’t seen their friends for a long time, so they made a little presents for their friends to make the reunion more exciting!
This day care center is a special place for the local children; each day there ar about 40 children spending time in this centre.They can have some meals there, they have a place to do their homeworks and there are also always some person who can listen to them if they want to talk about their problems. We thank God for each and every person who spend time with these kids!

ETS Seminar “Congregation as a Family ” in Jekabpils

In the beginning of August Lutheran Hour went to Jekabpils. This time we were visiting the summer camp of Krustpils congregation.
There were also pastor Evalds Berzins and bishop Einars Alpe participating in this event.
After the service people gathered together for the jekabpils3 that we presented. There were 30 people attending this seminar, there were seniors and young people among them.
Everybody admitted that we have a poor communication in our congregations, and that leads to alienation.
But there are also a good news – everyone was ready to change something in their attitude to improve the environment in their congregation. It is a truly important step if we want to feel as a family in our congregation.We must share Christ’s love at first among christians ourselves!

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