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“Congregation as a Family” in Kekava

kekava ets3Dole-Kekava Lutheran Church is placed near the capital of Latvia Riga.The congregation is rather small.
Recently the new pastor arrived here.
Our seminar “Congregation as a Family” was held there on the 6th of May, right after the service.
There were 25 people gathered together- there were seniors and young people as well.
In the beginning of this seminar we had an opportunity to hear the story how the church was build.
Afterwards we had some activities and games, everyone was invited to talk and reveal some information about themselves that others didn’t know yet.
Although it was already late and everyone have had a busy working day, but still – this time spent together was truly worth it!

“Congregation as a Family” in Gulbene

gulbeneETSMay was a truly bust month for the Lutheran Hour Latvia. We have had a lot of different activities. We went to several congregations, and Gulbene was one of them.
We gathered together in the church of Gulbene which is like a second home for a great part of this congregation.
When the lecturer asked – do you know each other well enough, the answer was pretty honest – no,we don’t!
And it just demonstrated the necessity of the seminars like this one! This is why we offer the congregations this project – we can get to know each other through the different activities.This time it went really great! The members of the congregation told each other the facts about heir lives that they usually don’t tell anyone. But it really helps to get closer – as for family, as for congregation.
Thank you God for helping us!

Outreach Conference “Inspired for Mission”

29.05.2015On 30th of May Lutheran Hour Latvia held the Outreach Conference “Inspired for Mission”.
We started the morning with the service in the Misione congregation, that is located near the office of Lutheran Hour. The main aim of this conference was to inspire each and every member of Latvian Lutheran church to do the mission work! So we decided that we really need some activities to do that! Probably the lack of inspiration is the reason why we in our congregations do so little in the field of the mission.
In the beginning of the conference different missionaries shared their stories and experience.
Janis Holsteins Upmanis shared his experience on the project “With the View in the Sky”. Anita Uzulniece told everyone that it is possible to work in the field of the mission through the cinema.
Afterwards the groups of people developed the strategy of mission work for Latvian Lutheran church. It was a truly productive day!

“Congregation as a Family” in Sala Congregation

On 17th of May Lutheran Hour went to the Sala Lutheran Church to present our seminar SalaETS1
This is small, but really active congregation! The members of Sala congregation were happy to participate in all the activities we offered this time. We tried to find some solutions – how to improve the communication among the parishioners and to help this congregation grow!
The pastor of the congregation Aivars Gusevs was also participating!
Thank you, Lord, for this congregation!

“With the View to the Sky” in Karsava

On 18th of April Lutheran Hour went to Karsava. We presented our concert program “With the view to the sky”. This event was organized side by side with the Lutheran congregation of Karsava.
There were about 40 of local people gathered together. This was a charity concert – all the money will be used to rebuild the tower of the local church.
Everyone was welcomed by the pastor of Karsava church Martins Vaickovskis and the chairperson of the congregation Aina.
There are a lot of people who have left their homes in Latvia, especially in the country side. So it is truly important to strengthen them with the God’s words – I will be with you till the end of time.

Hollistic Ministry Event together with friends from Norway

On 16th of March Lutheran Hour went to the day care center “Generations”. This time we were accompanied by 16 young people from Norway. This trip was as a part of their confirmation class.
Jens was the leader of this Christian youth group, he shared some stories about Norway and of course – he told children about Jesus!
Children who attend this day care center had to do some tasks and games all together! Jens from Norway showed interesting magic tricks- he used these tricks to show us how Jesus loves us – each and one of us, no matter what others think about you!
This was a great joy for everyone who was involved!

Activity “Protect your mind, protect your heart.” in Riga

On 20th of March Lutheran Hour went to the day care center “Hand in hand”.
This time we made the hats together with the children from this Center. Children had a voting – witch hat is the most beautiful. So Olga and Girts were winners this time.
The topic we discussed this time was – “Protect your mind,protect your heart.”
We would like to thank all the workers of this center, they really serve God through this job!
May our Lord bless them!
It is great to know – even thou these kids are unwanted in their families, they are loved by the workers of this center.

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