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Thank you for visiting our blog! Starting today, we are joining together with ministry partners worldwide to share all the work we are doing globally in one place. We are creating one all-encompassing blog that will share stories of our work and also show the Gospel’s impact in other regions. We pray you will join us in this exciting new approach! Click this link to visit the new blog: https://www.lhm.org/newsroom/global.asp

Thank you for visiting our blog and letting us share with you what God is doing! This blog will be making a transition starting in June. We will join together with ministry partners around the world who are also working to share the light of the Gospel in their countries. All of us will post stories of Gospel impact to one central blog. You will be able to see how the Good News is being shared globally. Stay tuned for the new blog link and join us on June 1st!

Family Sports Morning in Pure

On the first sunny days of Spring Lutheran Hour went to Pure. We were meeting with the local families and invited them to participate in our event “Family Sports morning”.

This time there were all the generations participating in this event. There were children, their parents and even grandparents! And it is a truly wonderful feeling- to be among the people who consider their families to be their shelter. To be among the people who cares about each other.

We can take Jesus as our role model – he also spend time with his followers, he strengthened them

Seminar on Hospitality in Velena

On 26th of March Lutheran Hour went to the Lutheran congregation of Velena. It is the small village in the North of Latvia. The school, the post office and the pharmacy of this town are now closed, a lot of people have left Velena. But still- the local Lutheran congregation is very active and wants to involve the new parishers!
After the Service members of the congregation gathered together and Lutheran Hour presented the seminar on hospitality. We disscussed the situation in Europe – a lot of churches are closed or transformed into bars, sport centres. On the conclusion of the seminar we disscussed different possibilities how to make Velena congregation to grow.velena

Family Sports Morning in Balvi

On 9th of March Lutheran Hour went to Balvi to visit local day care centre, which is supervised by the Social service of Balvi. Families had an opportunity to comunicate and solve different situations through the games and sports activities. Of course, they could also enjoy each others company and had a time together.

After the event families received some gifts.


This event offers people the games and activities which are the great reminders of the true values- love, friendship, helping each other.

Before the event families also had an opportunity to listen to the information on which values is Lutheran Hour is based on, we had a small Bible lesson and prayed together. Families felt strengthened and thankful that they had an opportunity to spend some quality time together.

Ministry Event in Roja

On 16th of March Lutheran Hour went to the Western part of Latvia- to Roja. We held   ministry event together with the local Social service and City day care center.

Children and teenagers had an opportunity to learn some hip-hop dance steps together with the dance teacher Niks. Niks is a young man who works as a dance teacher in the studio “DanceBeat” in Riga. But this time it wasn’t just a hip hop steps- children had an opportunity to listen to the Christian hip hop music. Children were truly interested to know that you can praise the Lord through the modern music.

While the young generation were dancing, their parents had an opportunity to attend the seminar presented by pastor Rolands Eimanis. He was presenting his lecture on How to Better Understand Yourselves ad Your Child.ROJA_2017_1

Story of Genesis in “Generations”

Last week Lutheran Hour went to Day Care Centre “Generations”. This time children were invited to bring their friends with them.
This time we talked about the Genesis, and children created water, sky, earth and animals using some candy.  Children joined together in groups and each group disscusses what God created in particular day.
Afterwards kids listened to the life story of Jesus- from his birth till his death at the cross. We made a paper crosses and decorated them.
On the conclusion of the day we prayed together. Genesis-Generations