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“With the View to the Sky” in Karsava

On 18th of April Lutheran Hour went to Karsava. We presented our concert program “With the view to the sky”. This event was organized side by side with the Lutheran congregation of Karsava.
There were about 40 of local people gathered together. This was a charity concert – all the money will be used to rebuild the tower of the local church.
Everyone was welcomed by the pastor of Karsava church Martins Vaickovskis and the chairperson of the congregation Aina.
There are a lot of people who have left their homes in Latvia, especially in the country side. So it is truly important to strengthen them with the God’s words – I will be with you till the end of time.

Hollistic Ministry Event together with friends from Norway

On 16th of March Lutheran Hour went to the day care center “Generations”. This time we were accompanied by 16 young people from Norway. This trip was as a part of their confirmation class.
Jens was the leader of this Christian youth group, he shared some stories about Norway and of course – he told children about Jesus!
Children who attend this day care center had to do some tasks and games all together! Jens from Norway showed interesting magic tricks- he used these tricks to show us how Jesus loves us – each and one of us, no matter what others think about you!
This was a great joy for everyone who was involved!

Activity “Protect your mind, protect your heart.” in Riga

On 20th of March Lutheran Hour went to the day care center “Hand in hand”.
This time we made the hats together with the children from this Center. Children had a voting – witch hat is the most beautiful. So Olga and Girts were winners this time.
The topic we discussed this time was – “Protect your mind,protect your heart.”
We would like to thank all the workers of this center, they really serve God through this job!
May our Lord bless them!
It is great to know – even thou these kids are unwanted in their families, they are loved by the workers of this center.

NEW ETS Seminar “Congregation as Family” in Baldone

On the Palm Sunday Lutheran Hour went to Baldone Lutheran church to present our ETS seminar “Congregation as Family”.
This time everyone was invited to evaluate their congregations relations – do we really know each other, do we know other members of our congregation? Do we know the names of other people in our church?  Do we know what other perishers like or dislike, are they happy or facing some problems?
Each congregation should be a place where each member  support others and gets a support! A congregation should be a second family for its’ members! But – as it is in the family, you should also put some effort to make it all work. Latvians are often really shy, so it is hard for us to step out from our comfort zone and to become a shoulder that others can lean on. So may God help us!
Baldone_1 Baldone_2 Baldone_3 Baldone_4 Baldone_5

Family Sports Event in Gulbene

On 26th of March Lutheran Hour went to Gulbene, this time we visited the Social Department of Gulbene town.
There were 12 families gathered together. We were accompanied by the pastor of Gulbene Lutheran church Ilgvars Matiss.
We played different games and enjoyed this ti  me together. You don’t have to do anything special or spend a lot of money to have a quality time and some fun with your family – you just have to be together! This afternoon reminded us of this simple truth!
Thank you Lord for each family!

NEW ACTIVITY – ETS seminar “Congregation as Family” in Sloka

On 21st of March Lutheran Hour started a new activity – ETS seminars “Congregation as Family”.
The first place we went to present this seminar was Lutheran congregation in Sloka.
The main foundation for every well – working family is good and healthy relationships among the members of this family.
In this seminar we look for the answers – what a congregation should do to become a family, what each member of a congregation should do?
This time there were 15 members of the congregation present.
We started seminar with small devotion time, afterwards we held this seminar and the beautiful conclusion of the day was a meal  – this is the moment that each family enjoys!
Sloka_1  Sloka_3 Sloka_4 Sloka_5

Movie Event in Riga

On 25th of February Lutheran Hour went to the Cross church in Riga,that is not far from our office.There we had the film show.This time we were offering a movie “Matthew”

There were 34 people present.Before the film everyone was welcomed by the pastor of this congregation Ivars Jakobsons.
After the movie everyone was able to reveal their opinion on this film, discussion was moderated by film critic Anita Uzulniece. Anita is the person to whom Lutheran Hour has been collaborating for a long time,she always offers us films that are truly deep and make people think on their values.
. Krusta_1 Krusta_2 Krusta_3

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