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Teambuilding Games at “Generations”

On 16th of June Luthern Hour visited the Day care centre “Generations” in Riga. This is the place where children spend their time while their parents are in work or can’t take proper care of them. It is a great belssing that we have places like this, because children don’t have to stroll in the streets.
Most of these children haven’t seen anuthing positive in their lives, nobody says loving words to them, so their communication skills are very poor. We show them how to communicate to each others through a different games, how to work as a team.Paaudzes_06.2016

LHM Latvia participates at the “The Night of Museums”

limbazi21st of May is the day when all the museums in Latvia stays open untill the midnight, it is called “The Night of Museums”. Each museum offers something unusual and interesting. The theme of this year was “The Door”.
Lutheran Hour Latvia also participated in this big event. We were invited to go to Limbazi. We were presenting different Latvian short films about faith and Christianity. We were serving as a door through wich people can take a look in to the God’s world.

ETS Seminar in Bolderaja

On 28th of May Lutheran Hour went to the congregation of Bolderaja. There were people who have just joined the congregation gathered together to participate in our ETS seminar “Congregation as a Family”.It is really important for each congregation to build strong relationships among the members of the parish in order to be able to to good outreach.Bolderaja_05.2016
We were welcomed by the pastor of Bolderaja Church  Oskars Smolaks.
We provided different activities and interactive games to give people an opportunity to get to know each other best.
After the seminar pastor Oskars admitted that it was a valuable experience for everyone and it will certainly help this congregation to grow stronger.

Recreation Day For Missioners

At the end of May Lutheran Hour Latvia in cooperation with Saldus Mission Center and ELCL Mission Board organized Recreation Day for Missioners and their families.
30 adults and 28 children came together to thank and praise God’s
works and to enjoy fellowship. 
Event included lecture on “Relationship-building  in mission work”, discussions in small groups. During the event workshops for small children were organized, while young people were able to get acquainted with the Christian Scouts activities. At the end of the day, each participant shared his personal testimony about  his ministry. 


ETS seminar “Congregation as a Family” in Pinki

Pinki_IMG_20160417_133207On 17th of April Lutheran Hour went to Babite to present our . There were 15 people participating this time. We were welcomed by the local pastor Andris Kraulins.
Congregation should be a significant support for its’ members, congregation should be as a second family. But we must all work on that so it can become reality.
People really become more close if they can grow spiritually together.We truly hope that it also happened this time thanks to this seminar.

Family sports morning in Libagi

Libagi_03.2016 (2)On 19th of March Lutheran hour had the family sports morning in Libagi in region of Talsi. This event was held in the center of free time and sports of Libagi. There were 10 local families- 43 people participating in this event.
We were playing different games and had some fun together. It was a great opportunity for these families – just to spend some time together, without daily routine and obligations. It was a blessing for everyone, especially for children.
After the sport activities we had a little meal.Participants received the gifts – sports garment. We would like to thank the Orphan Grain Train for their donations!

Movie Event for all Generations in “Generations”

On 23 of February Lutheran Hour went to the Day Care Centre “Generations”. This time we wanted to meet the elderly people from this centre. The name of the centre really represents the work of this palce – there are several genarations together in this centre.This time we watched film “The bridge” – seniors and the young people all together.
Film represents warm and loving relationship between the father Vladimir and his son Lado. Will he save his son or the train full of siners?
After the movie we had some tea and a disscussion. This story made everyone think about our relationship with God. It is truly important during this fasting time.
Seniors of this centre will join our Bible Correspondence CoursePaaudzes.

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