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Warm up your Neighbour in Baldone

In the last days of December Baldone_12.2015Lutheran Hour went to Baldone. Members of Baldone congregation participated in our project “Warm up your neighbour”. 28 people from the congregation will soon visit someone whom they care about- to bring a gift to this person- a warm kilt. Also they will pray for this person.
With the help of our friends in America, we provide this project for the second year. And we are truly happy, that there are Christians who can help others and preach God’s word!

The Christmas Story in Baldone

Just a few days before Christmas children and their parents from the location of Baldone gathered together in the Baldone Lutheran church. We were happy to welcome 50 children. We had a great time together, we backed some ginger-bread, played different games. Pastor Arnis Eltermanis told everyone about the Christmas gifts tradition. Afterwards we watched the cartoon “Red boots” and children received some gifts from Lutheran Hour.
 We would like to thank all the kids and their parents for sharing their joy with us!

“With the View to the Sky” in Krustpils

Just a few days before a New Year’s Eve Lutheran Hour Latvia went to the Krustpils Lutheran Church. We presented our concert “With the view to the sky”. Everyone who was present had an opportunity to rethink some important issues – Krustpils_3_12.2015like faith, love, the meaning of our lives. 
The church was full of people, there were about 100 people gathered together. Not all of these people were from the local congregation. There were also a lot of people who are just on their way to the 
faith yet. So it is truly important to find some ways through which we can communicate with them. This time they came here to listen to the beautiful concert, maybe next time they will be here to attend the service.
May God lead us through the next year!

“Warm up Your Neighbour” in Krustpils

On the third Advent Lutheran Hour went to Krustpils Church. This congregation wants to take care of the people who haven’t yet found their way to the God, especially during the Christmas time.
So this congregation is participatin in our campaign “Warm upYour Neighbour”. 30 members of Krustpils congregation will visit someone to bring them a gift – warm blanket and also tell them about Jesus. These people will also be invited to start a long disstance education that Lutheran Hour Latvia offers.
Of course, love is not just one event or one campaign, but this could be a gooKrustpils_12.2015d start!

ETS seminar in Tukums congregation

On second weekend of November Lutheran Hour went to Tukums. This is a town not far from a capital of Latvia-Riga with the population of 30 000 people.
 We went to the Lutheran Church of Tukums to held our ETS seminar “Congregation as a family”.  It was the first time when LHM Latvia and Tukums Lutheran Congregation had some event together. We were welcomed by the local pastor Marcis Zeiferts. Congregation was very interested in the activity and we hope and pray for blessed future cooperation.
Thank you ,Lord, for each and every open heaIMG_20151115_134712rt!

Inspiration for the Mission Work

On 13th of December Lutheran Hour went to Krustpils to present our seminar on mission. There were 15 members of the congregation participating. Our main theme was – the mission work in our everyday life.
Each of the people shared their stories – how they preach the Gospel in their everyday lives.
After the disscussion parishioners came to the conclusion – they should preach more often – not only with God’s word, but also with their own stories – Krustpils_2_12.2015how God has helped them, how the faith have changed their lives. We should stand for the values that God has shown us.
Lord, please, lead these people!

Christmas story for the children in Valmiera

On 10th of December Lutheran Hour went to Valmiera, to visit the 4th graders of the Valmiera Primary School. This time we wanted to tell them about the birth of Christ.
There were 26 children and their parents participating in this event. At first children had to say something about their classmates – what do they like, what are their hobbies. Afterwards we played different games and made some Christmas ginger bread together.
Children also had an opportunity to listen to the Christmas story about he birth of Jesus. We invited them to think about the true meaning of this holiday. Children came to the conclusion – the most important gift that we can give and receive – is love. But we also made some little Christmas gifts that the children will be able to share with someone they love.
On the conclusion of this beautiful event we watched  cartoon “The Red Boots”.
It was truly a great pleasure to meet these children and their parents. It is so important that we don’t get lost during this Christmas time – we don’t need the biggest present or the best Christmas tree. We just need to show our love!



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