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ETS seminar in Lejasciems

On 21st of February Lutheran Hour went to the congregation of Lejasciems to present ETS seminar” Mission”. There were 20 members of congregation and their friends gathered together.

Lejasc1 (2)
Pastor and lecturer of Lutheran hour Ugis Bruklene invited everyone to join him in a prayer. There were a fresh daffodils near the altar and the beautiful scent filled the room while people were singing ” Lead me my god”, the atmosphere was very special.
After this little service we were welcomed to the table.
Pastor Ugis shared his vision what possible ways to provide mission is more suitable for a little congregations like this one of course -  how can each of us do a mission work in our everyday life. Parishioners shared their experience and tried to figure out some answers that were significant for them.

Thank you,Lord, that we could experience your love through the people of Lejasciems

ETS Seminar “Open Church in Kuldiga”

On 15th of February Lutheran Hour went to Kuldiga to present new ETS seminar/conference “Open Church – Hospitality”
This time cooperation partners were the congregation of St.Anna’s church and their pastor Martins Burke-Burkevics.  There were sisters and brothers in Christ from the regions of Kuldiga, Grobina and Piltene gathered together, about 60 people in total.
The first topic we discussed was -what can a congregation expect to happen if it becomes inhospitable? As an example we used a lot of congregations all over the Europe-unfortuantelly, they were closed.
kuldiga1 (2)
Bishop Pavils Bruvers invited us to think about how we want to see our congregations and what they should be like. There also was a discussion – what can we improve or change in our parishes, to become more friendly and hospitable.
On the conclusion the pastor of St.Anna’s church M.Burke-Burkevics  shared his feelings on the issue “Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.”(1.Peter.4:9)

Film afternoon in the day centre “Generations”

Lutheran Hour continues it’s collaboration with the diaconate of Latvian Ev.Lutheran . Church.  On 13 February, 2014 we went to the day centre “Generations” to show a movie to the children. Kids were friendly this afternoon, they sat by each others side and enjouyed a pop-corn while watching the film ” Stephen’s Test of Faith” you can watch, enjoPaaudzes (2)y and understand this movie no matter how old or young you are, it teaches everyone how to stay faithful to Jesus every day!

Lutheran Hour visits home for disabled “Sympathy”

Usually the concert program “With the view to the sky” is performed in churches, near the altar. But on the 19th of January it was different…It was  freezing Sunday, but it was warm inside. Lutheran Hour  Latvia in collaboration with the congregation of Luther’s Church of Riga went to the home for menthaly disabled people.

It was our opportunity to serve the people who can’t attend the church by themselves.
We were welcomed so truly and sincerely! They were also very curious – who has visited us this time? It was a great pleasure for the artists to perform to these people.
Afterwards we enjoyed a service together.

Thank you, Lord, for leading us to the places you want us to go, for letting us meet the people you want us to meet.  The hearts of these people are so opened, they are thirsty for the God’s word!

Truly Special “With the view to the sky”

“Glory to the God in highness,
and  good will to every men !
And may everywhere you go
Your path will shine in light!”
These are the lines from the beautiful poem by Imants Ziedonis. These were the conclusion words of the concert program “With the view to the sky” on 5th of January in the Lutheran Church of  Old St.Gertrude in Riga .
The main idea of this concert is to show one’s path to God. It’s about love, doubt, the pain and joy.It is about each of us.
The church was full of people. God addressed many hearts through the artists Goran Gora and Jana Babre – Laime. Tea, provided by this congregation, was warming-up the bodies of the guests, but the poems and songs was worming-up everyone’s hearts and souls. It was a truly special night.

First PandaMania of 2014 in Gulbene

This was a beautiful beginning of 2014 year for Lutheran Hour – we went to Gulbene to spend some time with the children from Gulbene Lutheran congregation. There were 20 kids participating in Vacation Bible school PandaMania.

gulnene5Those were 2 amazing days! We were listening to the Bible stories, playing different games and watching the PandaMania movie.

On the conclusion of the second day pastor Ilgvars Matiss took children to the Gulbene church. Everyone had an opportunity to take a look at the great organ of the church.Children could even try to play them!

Afterwards everybody enjoyed a little meal in the sacristy.

Thank you, Lord, for bringing us together. Please give your blessings to each child who is longing for your love! Amen.

Charity concert and presents for families from LHM Latvia in Valmiera

On the last days of 2013 Lutheran Hour went to Valmiera – St. Simon’s Lutheran congregation which is good cooperation partner of LHM Latvia in outreach for Valmiera people. On 29th of December St.Simon’s congregation organised a beautiful charity concert. There were a lot of musicians from the different congregations of Valmiera presenting their songs in this event.IMAG1421 IMAG1458
Lutheran Hour also had an opportunity to address and welcome everyone in this concert.
After the concert LHM Latvia organized special event for families and poor people. Small refreshments were offered to everyone and presents from Orphan Grain Train and LWML – warm quilts – were given as a gifts.

Pastor Magnus Olson also shared information about St.Simon’s congregation and that everyone is welcomed in this church, because we all are the children of God,even if we haven’t found him yet.

Lord, please bless those families! Amen.


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