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Great Joy all Over the House

paaudzes2 paaudzes3

September 3,the building of Lutheran Hour was filled with children’s laughter, it was a great joy all over the house! Together with youngsters from the Gymnasts of the Streets children were able to see some tricks and to try something like that on their own! One of the gymnasts Marcis witnessed to all how he returned to God and how he builds his relationships with Jesus.
Afterwards everyone enjoyed some pizza.
This afternoon was truly amazing for everyone who was present, but especially for the children from the Day centers “Generations” and ” The Light of the Heart”

God loves us, He is wild about us !

God loves us, he is wild about us ! These are not just words. Children of Jaunpiebalga were able to enjoy God’s love and each others Jaunpiebalga_1company for two days in our vacation Bible school PandaMania.
These were rainy days  in Latvia, but God gave us a sunny weather for these 2 days, so children could spend a lot of time outside. Together we went through some Bible stories, we created a world using sweets and candies, we created the volcanoes from Coca Cola and played different games. On the conclusion of this beautiful event ,everyone made a gift for a special person in his life.
Everyone was smiling-and that is a great gift-a true smile from the child!
Thank you ,Lord, for your love and for these children! Amen!

Pandamania in Striku Elementary School

Shortly before the end of school year on the 8th of May, 2014, the Lutheran Hour visited Striķu Elementary School. In this day children from 1 to 4th grade 10360454_741186182569326_7244150248877214840_ninstead of their regular classes were able to participate in the “PandaManias” event. Together with their children we lived through the story of creation and went on an improvised traveling in the belly of the fish, like Jonah. After the common games kids participated in the workshop to make pins. One pin, each participant was able to keep for himself and the other had to be prepare for a friend.

Thank you, You, Lord, for every ch
ild that we met at this school!

On the way to the opened church in Jelgava

On 26th of April people of different congregations from the location of Jelgava region gathered together for the ETS Seminar “On the way to the opened church. Hospitality in the congregation”.jelgavaETS
This time we were welcomed by the congregation of St.Anna’s church and  the reverent Kaspars Kovalevs who shared his views on this topic. Everyone was also able to hear the presentation of the director of Lutheran Hour Latvia Artis Purins.
Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.”(1.Peter.4:9)“.
On 10th of May we’ll meet in Balvi; it will be the conclusion of this cycle of seminars!

Film forum “And the word became film 2014″ in Riga

This year next week after the Easter Lutheran Hour held the film forum “And the word became film 2014″. This film Forum has been going on for 16 years! The programm of the Forum consists of the movies that are internationaly eawarded in different film festivals and have received the highest Ecumenical Jury prizes.
kf23 (2)Already for the second time we held this festival in collaboration with “Happy Art Museum” in the shoping mall Galeria Riga. The audience of the festival was aprox. 200 people. This is one of  the film festivals that still exists in Latvia. We would like to thank The National Fund of Culture for their support.
And for the second time our festival will continue in Valmiera (May 15-17)!

PandaMania travels to Asia!

On 22 of April Lutheran Hour held the  Vacation Bible School PandaMania in the Day Care Centre “Generations”.
Panda2There were 50 kids from all over the Riga participating. Together with LHM Directors from  Asia and Europe children were able to get to know different cultures. In the beggining of PandaMania we were listening to the Bible story about Jona, who travels around  in the belly of the fish. Afterwards children were able to attend different work shops – we were learning the song in Tamil, we were dancing the folk dance of Indonesia, we were folding origami, watching the puppet show from Thailand and Myanmar and playing together with the people from Cambodia and Vietnam.
It was a truly nice afternoon in this day centre, children were participating in all the activities!
Thank You, Our Lord for Your Love – You Love each of us, no matter what our nationality is or what language do we speak!

ETS Seminar “Hospitality in the congregation” in Valmiera

On 25 March, 2014 we had the third seminar “On the way to the open church. Hospitality in the congregation” .This time there were the congregations from the location of Valmiera and Cesis gathered together. In this seminar we discussed what happens if the congregation becomes unfriendly and forgets about the hospitality. There already are a lot of examples all over the Europe what happens in these cases. Churches are closed, that is the sad reality in many countries, we don’t want that to happen in Latvia.

Bishop Pavils Bruvers told everyone about the concept of the opened church. The bishop reminded us 3 important things that we should remember :1)spiritual growth (prayers) 2)fellowship (we must accept those who are different than we are) 3) virtue of hospitality. We have to be kind, help each other.

The youth band “Cum Laudem Deo” of the Valmiera congregation gave joy to everyone with their performance. On the conclusion pastor of this chValmiera ETS2urch Arnis Buss presented the passage from the Bible – “Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling” (1.Pet.4:9)

We would like to thank the congregation of  Valmieras St.Simon’s church for their hospitality during this seminar!


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